Bake Me Treats

It feels as though summer just began, yet as I look around I see leaves falling and pumpkin spice lattes hitting the menu board at the local big-box coffee shop. While this means summer festivals are wrapping up and backyard barbecues are coming to an end, there is a silver lining. First, it means that it’s time to bust out the boots, sweaters, and hoodies. (Which we all know we have been secretly waiting for.) Best of all, what this means is as we approach holiday season we also approach carb season. Whether its fond memories of baking with grandma or the smell of pizzelles on the weekends, there’s something about fall that just screams baked goods.

With that in mind Spade and I decided we must introduce all of you to our favorite local bakery. I say that with full confidence—we believe this truly is the best locally owned bakery in the area. Bake Me Treats is a small bakery nestled within Poland Village right past the 680 ramp on 224. You may not notice this precariously placed sweet spot right away, but its worth a double take. Bake Me Treats is open Tuesday through Saturday, which I must mention because Spade and I have sadly made the trip out there on a few Mondays. (Yes—it happened more than once!) As you walk through the meager doors of  this small town bakery you will feel as though you are walking into a wedding magazine photo shoot. The aesthetics boast of an eclectic yet chic French countryside vibe. Even as a man I can appreciate the femininity of this special place.

While the effeminate décor may be dainty there is true badass girl power running through the veins of this pastry haven. The young women that own and run this small bakery work hard and it shows through both their product and design. My favorite part of this bakery is their open kitchen. I adore seeing the love and care being put into every piece of art. What these Bake Me Treats pastry magicians create rivals the works of any artist or musician. Owner Gabrielle has a passion for greatness that emanates to her staff and product line.

They offer fresh, from-scratch baked goods daily as well as custom-made cakes for weddings and other gatherings. However, the star of the show here is the French macaron. This has quickly become our favorite cookie. We will devour these merengue style cookies anywhere we go, but Bake Me Treats makes a French macaron that is to die for. They have an assortment of these delectable delicacies daily for you to choose from with flavor structures as complex as coconut basil or as simple as chocolate and vanilla. However creative your palate is, you will surely find something mouth-watering. They also offer coffee and espresso drinks in house to pair with any of their pinnacle pastries. (What makes this even better is that they offer coffee and espresso roasted in town from Matt Campbell and the crew at Branch Street Coffee Roasters.) 

When Spade and I are in this local bakery it is literally like two kids in a candy store. We love picking up new creations for family events and showing them off. Sometimes we are a bit more selfish and just make the trip to enjoy a few macarons for ourselves, but no matter our motives we are never disappointed. We are sure that all of you will enjoy this fabulous place as much as we do. Don’t forget to check them out at so you can get all of your orders in before the holidays!


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