Breakfast Hash

 This breakfast hash is the perfect holiday brunch dish. Whether you present it to family coming in from out of town, or quite frankly just for yourself, you can’t go wrong. Bacon, potatoes, sausage—what more do you want?! Quick and easy, this dish isn’t too involved but will satisfy ALL of the tastebuds.

I first made this for Spade’s family while we were vacationing in South Carolina. Of course I was nominated to whip up some breakfast, and this is what I came up with. Breakfast is one of those things you can just kind of wing, or maybe that’s just me? Well anyways, it was a hit and I made it at least 3 times that week. I think they liked it. Don’t forget you can get most (if not all) of these ingredients local! Lake To River Co-Op is an awesome set-up that will help you make that “farm to table” concept a reality. 


(Serves 4 to 5)

-1 large skillet preferably cast iron but any will work

-1 large spatula

-1 large pot

-1 pound of peeled + washed potatoes (any will work but yukon golds are the best)

-1/2 pound of bacon

-1/2 pound of ground breakfast sausage

-1 medium yellow onion

*Optional: feta cheese for garnish*


Goes great in tandem with eggs (cage free preferred!)—scrambled, over easy—take your pick.


-Peel and cut the potatoes into 1/2 inch cubes.

-Begin to boil water as you are cleaning potatoes.

-Also clean your onion and chop into larger half inch cubes.

-If you are doing this by yourself and it takes a while to clean the potatoes, you can put the clean potatoes in ice cold water to keep them from browning.

-Once the water comes to a boil place the cut potatoes in the water to blanch. Keep them at a rolling boil until they are just soft enough that you can poke them with a knife.


-While the potatoes are blanching begin to prepare and cook your meat.

-Cut your raw bacon into 1/4 inch pieces. This will be a little difficult because of all the fat so make sure you use a sharp knife or a good pair of kitchen scissors. (Be careful!)

-Crumble your sausage so it spreads evenly throughout the hash.

-You want to wait till the potatoes are just about finished bc it won’t take long to cook the meat.

-Spread the bacon and sausage evenly across pan.

-You can cook them at a medium to high heat. You want that pan nice and hot when you add the potatoes. That’s why cast iron works best for this because it cooks at a higher temp. The trick is to keep the pan as hot as possible without burning the meat. You’ll be able to see steam coming off of the pan.

-Cook the bacon and sausage down so that all the fat from the bacon and sausage will be in the pan. This will be your cooking agent for the potatoes.

-Once the sausage and bacon has browned add the potatoes. Don’t stir the potatoes right away, allow them to brown on one side then try and flip them more than actually stirring them so that they continue to brown.

-Once the potatoes have a nice golden color and they have sucked up most of the fat it’s time to add the onions. The point is to add the onions just before finishing so that you cook them down but don’t start to caramelize them. You want to be able to still see the whole pieces of onion when you finish.

-Once the potatoes have finished browning and the bacon and sausage have that nice crispy, crunchy texture and your onions are cooked all the way through—you’re done!

Add salt and pepper to taste but most of your flavor will come from the sausage, bacon fat and onion. 

~Serve in a large bowl & serve with eggs and/or feta as preferred!~

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  1. Such a great article from so many local businesses that I am proud to call friends! Our community is amazing and becoming so more and more every day. So mah of the above listed places have helped me and other business start out… much to be said about this group… thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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