Brunch at Barrel33

On this episode of Jimmy and Spade we are going to take you to a local favorite of ours. It is a place we have recently grown very fond of and has been a great back drop for the creation of new memories. Barrel33 is a stone’s throw away from our humble abode in Howland, Ohio. You can find it on East Market in the Giant Eagle Plaza—very accessible location in the center of town. It has all the amenities of a swanky, small plate restaurant with the added bonus of being a wine and beer emporium. Barrel33 gives us that big city vibe right in our back yard. 

Every time we walk through the door we are always greeted with a warm welcome from the host or manager. The décor is a very creative take on repurposed items mixed with industrial brush strokes. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the landscape of wine that wraps the front of the building, and as you walk into the dining room you can’t help but notice the bountiful coolers with rows of craft beer. Everything you could possibly want as a wine or beer connoisseur is now right in front of you. These bottled libations can be for dine in or take home purposes—an incredibly fun and interactive convenience.On this particular trip we had one thing in mind—brunch (aka our favorite meal of the weekend). The name and concept is uniquely dissimilar from all other meals. I’ve never quite had the notion to meet someone for “linner”. The only rival might be that late night, low key trip to the diner for midnight pancakes. (Which I suppose you could call “dinfast”??) All that rambling aside, no other meal holds a candle to brunch. The idea is so novel in fact that it actually makes sleeping in socially acceptable. Brunch has become revolutionary in other cities, but the idea hasn’t seemed to catch on here yet. There are a few local spots that handle the matter of brunch, and Barrel33 does a superb job. As always, Spade and I splurged on the culinary cuisine of the day. We probably could have ordered everything on the menu, but we controlled ourselves. One of my favorites was the blueberry strata. This is a fresh take on bread pudding and it was to die for. The texture was heavy and thick like a bread pudding foiled with a light, handmade whipped cream crowning. The blueberry added just the right amount of freshness to the mix. We also enjoyed a crisp breakfast flat bread. This had just the right amount of flavor and was covered in caramelized onions which brought out an almost sweet flavor. As well, what was referred to as “Deviled Eggs Benedict” made its way to our table. The hollandaise sauce was creamy and decadent. On my next trip for brunch I plan on getting the Sicilian Benedict. Being Italian, the combination of pancetta and asparagus really intrigues me.Also—I believe the sign of a good chef is how well they can poach an egg. While we enjoyed brunch on this trip I must point out that Barrel33 also has an amazing lunch and dinner menu. We always start with the charcuterie, but have also delighted in such culinary creations such as crusted bone marrow. I would suggest the pulled pork mac n cheese if you go for lunch or dinner as well, it’s a staple for us. In addition to their wine and beer selection, Barrel33 expresses itself by way of craft cocktails. For brunch they serve a build-your-own Bloody Mary. Spade’s favorite cocktail is the aviation that has a beautiful lavender hue. Another notable faction of this establishment is the display of live music on the weekends. We love going down and listening to the jazz and blues styling of the evening. Live local music always slides a restaurant up a few spots on our list of dining decisions.Whether you are looking for that particular craft beer you just can’t find at the store or that specific year of merlot, Barrel33 has got you covered. If you have friends in from out of town and want to show them a good time or maybe you’re planning a date night with someone special— Barrel33 has created the ambiance and service these special engagements require. Or maybe,  if you’re just a couple of love struck foodies looking to share a few laughs over a French pressed coffee and the best meal of the day, you should surely venture to Barrel33! 😉

Insider tip: When you do make it down to Barrel33, ask for Carmella. She is the bees knees when it comes to service!               

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