Where to Eat? — Jimmy’s 5 Step Guide

We all do this whether we are single, dating someone, or married with kids. It doesn’t matter how many people are a part of the equation, it seems to always be one of the hardest decisions to make—where to eat. We’ve all heard the banter, “I want Mexican, no, I want Chinese…well, you picked last week, it’s my turn” — you know how it goes. Even for Spade and I, we take what seems like an endless amount of time deciding where to spend our precious moments (eating) together. Normally my job is to give you all the details on the best places to end your hunger pangs. Today is different. This is not so much of where to go, but a simplification of how to decide. I’ve put together an easy exercise to go through when trying to make this decision and have linked some of our past posts/reviews for all of our newer followers (or if you just need a refresher!) Hopefully this helps all of you indecisive foodie friends out there!

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Pho Saigon

This week, Spade and I had the pleasure of dining with a familiar associate. My 8-year-old daughter engaged on our feasting endeavor as we embarked our taste buds to travel a little farther east. A local favorite, we made a trip to Pho Saigon. It is a quaint restaurant nestled in a plaza on South Avenue in Boardman (near Sam’s Club). Having lived near this oriental eatery the last few years, it has become dear to my heart. It seems very inconspicuous from the outside amongst the other South Avenue inhabitants, but you will immediately think otherwise once you step foot inside. The Vietnamese restaurant has a very clean and sleek vibe with a touch of whimsy. The dining room is well laid out with room for bigger parties yet still set up with cozy corners. It is a small family owned operation that at times may seem slightly understaffed, but I think they handle it with grace. We were promptly greeted at the door with a warm smile and immediately brought to our seats, which I thoroughly appreciated. It can be very discouraging in certain instances when arriving at a restaurant you have never been to and not being immediately greeted.  Continue reading “Pho Saigon”