Space Kat

The weeks seem to come and go without reverence. Time passes, yet it feels like a snap of a finger. For Spade and I, life has seemed to have us by the ears. New jobs and promotions, a softball championship, family obligations, and all the other day to day attributes of life have been cumbersome. I literally just finished a book that took me months to read. We have truly missed the interaction with our followers as well as the expression of our passion these past few months. What is passion and what drives it? I resolve that it’s a sense of exploration. An idea that there is more out there than meets the eye. A wise friend once said that the difference between those who are truly successful, those who do what they love and love what they do, is passion. It’s those who are not easily satisfied with what most people call success. They strive for more even when more doesn’t seem to exist. They see the dream when it hasn’t even been dreamt. Spade and I live by this ideology. We believe that this way of thinking is what’s making Youngstown special again. We have met a new friend along this journey who seems to share in this highly passionate endeavor. A new friend, Space Kat, brings a fiery passion to people’s tables daily.

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Where to Eat? — Jimmy’s 5 Step Guide

We all do this whether we are single, dating someone, or married with kids. It doesn’t matter how many people are a part of the equation, it seems to always be one of the hardest decisions to make—where to eat. We’ve all heard the banter, “I want Mexican, no, I want Chinese…well, you picked last week, it’s my turn” — you know how it goes. Even for Spade and I, we take what seems like an endless amount of time deciding where to spend our precious moments (eating) together. Normally my job is to give you all the details on the best places to end your hunger pangs. Today is different. This is not so much of where to go, but a simplification of how to decide. I’ve put together an easy exercise to go through when trying to make this decision and have linked some of our past posts/reviews for all of our newer followers (or if you just need a refresher!) Hopefully this helps all of you indecisive foodie friends out there!

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Cockeye BBQ

Well folks, as your “sherpas up the mountain” of food enlightenment we have stumbled upon a beautiful diamond in the rough. If you have talked to anyone recently about new restaurants I am sure that the name Cockeye BBQ has come up in conversation. This is truly an oasis amongst the desolation of inner city blight. It evokes a whole new feeling to the term revitalization. You can find Cockeye’s in the most unlikely of places—on the west side of Warren, Ohio on Parkman Road. Growing up in Warren this area has become known more for its crime rate and desertion after the loss of our steel mills. In the expanse of closed businesses and disintegrating housing, the neon lights of Cockeye BBQ are sure to draw your attention as you stroll down the lanes of Warren’s west side.

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