Casa de Tacos

What is it that makes a restaurant, coffee shop or bakery exceptional? When you are deciding what to have for lunch or where to take your family on a Sunday afternoon, what comes to mind? I doubt you think to yourself,, “let’s take the kids here because they’ll love the aesthetic” or, “honey we have to try this new place because the layout really flows well”. While things like ambiance, customer service and special events are domineering thoughts, they are not the first to be discussed. We can say almost unanimously that we first think about the tastiness of the food when deciding where to go eat. The food is what brings us in and the experience is what keeps us coming back. Our search for the best food in town has brought us to a top notch taqueria, Norma’s Casa De Tacos. Continue reading “Casa de Tacos”

The Kitchen Post

As I sit here looking over my pork-embellished “Taco Tuesday” travelogue, the sultry aromas of this week’s encounter almost fill my nostrils. The Kitchen Post in Struthers was our obvious choice this week when looking for a tantalizing joint serving up tacos. I can’t even tell you how many people have mentioned this local hidden gem to us recently. You can almost miss this charming eatery tucked away on Youngstown-Poland road. The restaurant is small, yet cozy. It has a very eclectic use of different textures, patterns, and colors. It gives you a hometown feel with a big city vibe. My favorite aspect of the restaurant’s aesthetic was the use of denim cushions for the booth backs. Continue reading “The Kitchen Post”