Gordy’s Sandveech Market

In our view there are a few distinctive tiers when it comes to sandwich artistry. In a world of Subways and Jimmy Johns (definitely on the lower tier), Gordy’s Sandveeches stand among the pinnacle of local sandwich craftsmanship. This is truly one of our favorite spots to go when looking for a cure to our hunger. It is situated in the Creekside Plaza on 224. As you walk through the door you immediately get the feeling of a big city deli paired with a warm, comfy vibe. Your eyes travel around the room to an exposed brick hearth and stately black and white photographs of the proprietor’s family. Whether this is your first visit or your fiftieth, you are always greeted with a smile. The staff at Gordy’s always ushers you in and makes you feel like family. If you get the pleasure Gordy herself will usually be working the floor as well, being amazing per usual. She’ll walk around asking everyone how their food was, making sure it was no less than perfect.As your local grub scouts I think it’s only right to walk you through the logistics of this novel eating encounter. To begin you must pick a sandveech (or a salata if you’re not into carbs). Riddled with delectable and deserving options, the menu can be a bit overwhelming at first look. The staff is more than capable of helping you with this, they make great suggestions and are more than willing to explain anything you might have a question about. After a careful sandveech deliberation, you’ll pick your side. You have a choice of three bean salad, olives, or a crunchy, fresh pickle. You can’t go wrong with any of these tasty, homemade options. Next, you’ll wrap up your ordering by grabbing some add-ons. You have a few options in this department. From unique flavors of bagged chips, old-school sodas and dessert from a local vendor, we guarantee you won’t walk away empty handed. Now that the hard decision-making part is over, you’ll take a seat and await your experience of a lifetime to arrive. Try not to drool as they deliver your sandveech straight to your table. Enjoy your crazy creation upon delivery because you will pay at the end of your jaw-dropping journey to nutritional nirvana.Now that you got the hang of how this Gordy’s thing works, we’ll walk you through what we recently indulged in. Spade and I have probably tried at least half of the menu at this point, but on this occasion we decided upon the “Oh Mama” and the “Y-Town”. Now if you are like us, (and most warm-blooded Americans) we LOVE bacon. If you fit into this bacon-loving category then the “Oh Mama” is for you. It is a heartwarming composition of bacon-cheddar meatloaf balls, bacon muenster, American cheese, siracha, balsamic glaze, red onion, and garlic mayo. Be prepared as you drool over this sultry, saucy concoction that will more than likely have you saying “oh my!”. One bite into this baby will send you into a euphoric trance. The robust savory notes of the meatloaf are a perfect arrangement with the more acidic virtues of the adorning sauces. It’s sultry, sweet, and wildly delicious all at the same time. Now the “Y-Town” is a slightly simpler sandveech, yet no less delicious. This classic, hometown favorite is packed full with porchetta coupled with spicy greens, provolone, and a garlic mayo. For all of us local Italianos out there, it is like having the fried greens from your nonna’s Sunday dinner in a handheld package. The porchetta, which is an Italian pork, was roasted to perfection with a gorgeous array of seasonings. For all of my carbohydrate craving friends out there you’ll appreciate this tidbit—add a few rosemary kettle chips to this sandveech for an added crunch. Every time you finish one of Gordy’s sandveeches you’ll inherently dream it could begin all over again.Before your final exit of this establishment you must make a few more stops though. Gordy has her own frozen take-home meals that are made in house. This is an amazing idea for a family on the go or a single patron with a busy schedule not to mention much more appealing than that Stouffer’s meal that’s been in the freezer since Y2K. They have everything from dips to soups and casseroles. There’s also a fabulous merch corner filled with all sorts of other goodies and treasures from near and far. It’s definitely worth the look as you head out or are waiting for your takeaway order. As you know, we always suggest taking a look at the menu prior to engaging in any new restaurant retreat, and you can find this gem and other info about this one-of-a-kind spot at gordyssandveechmarket.com. However, don’t stop there—follow her on Instagram so you can see any new features that may be popping up or even just to drool over all of the sandveech pics. We love taking our family and friends to Gordy’s and as our internet family we strongly encourage you to take the trip there as well!

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