Nova Coffee

Did you ever have a place growing up that was free of social bounds? Like a secret getaway where imagination could flood your mind? Maybe a treehouse where you did your first sketches, or a garage where you strummed your first chord? For others it may have been a small nook in the attic where you could read without the constant annoyance of a younger sibling. I’m sure I’m not the only one that escaped to the basement of a friend’s house away from glaring eyes and ears of parents, where secrets and folklore spread between comrades and cohorts. As we get older we tend to forget these places. We are more concerned with that next exam or promotion. We spend less time opening our minds and hearts, and more time crunching numbers or meeting deadlines. Our only escape soon becomes a scroll down social media alley. My friends—a place awaits your inner childhood memories. Nova coffee in downtown Warren is a place that will easily become your new getaway—young or old alike.

You can find Nova in Warren, Ohio in the historic downtown square area. Nova plays a major role in the revitalization efforts of the square. As you walk through the doors you will feel a sense of relief from the hustle and bustle with the sleek and minimalistic vibes. It’s as if the whole building was designed for a photoshoot with sunlight cascading in through the front windows. It’s a small coffee shop and café with a large heart. They’ll unknowingly make you feel like family as soon as you walk through the doors. The coffee selection is always top notch, with a rotating menu of single origin small batch beans. One of my favorite ways of delivering my caffeinated fix is their syphon method of brewing. It feels like your coffee was part of a science experiment. For the more adventurous they serve seasonal and classic lattes. These are truly hand-crafted works of art. They also serve a large variety of teas for those non-coffee drinkers out there.

Every good coffee shop is like a living breathing organism. Each one has its own personality and characteristics. While coffee may run through the veins of Nova, the heart beat of this place is the kitchen. An assorted array of designer donuts are served up daily. With fan favorites like the Nova special or more creative flavor mashups like Buckeye or Maple Bacon. While you can’t leave this daring dive without trying the donuts, the savory treats are just as tempting. If you’re there for brunch a must have is the build your own breakfast burrito. You can fill your tortilla wrapped delight with anything your heart desires. Another brunch specialty is the avocado toast topped with a fried egg. Have lunch on the brain? Check out their sandwich menu. Its an ever changing highly creative collection of layered goodness served with either chips or house made soup. Whatever your fix is I’m sure you will find something to cure your craving.

We all have a small part of us that craves to have a place of our own. A place where we feel comfortable. While our homes are always a safe locale, we need someplace to be social. Whether you want to read a good book, have a first date, or share a cup of coffee with a friend—Nova has a seat for you.


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