Orange Avocado

Have you ever driven past a business or seen a sign and just wondered…what in the world is that place? Orange Avocado was that place for me. I literally drove past it for weeks deliberating in my mind what it could possibly be. (A Mexican place perhaps? Or maybe they sell hybrid produce? Could it be one of those new age sip and paint places? They always have weird names. I bet I could make it my rap name though.) It wasn’t until Spade saw them on social media and brought me down there one day for a special treat that I was able to put all that analytical nonsense behind me. Orange Avocado is a cold pressed juicery on 224 in Boardman in the Creekside Plaza. If you haven’t been let on to this new trend we are here to tell you, take the dive in to fresh juices.

This spot is small yet feels very open. They have a very minimalistic approach to design which we absolutely love. Few things other than local products adorn the walls which gives it a very zen vibe. I have to add how inviting and friendly all of their staff is. Being an unfamiliar concept for this area, it could be intimidating for a new customer. They always make you feel like family and are glad to suggest products and even let you taste the juices.They do everything from fresh juices to smoothie bowls, boost shots and everything healthy in between. Every time we go we always get one of the smoothie bowls. This is an interesting take on the architecture of an ordinary smoothie. They blend it a little thicker so you can eat it with a spoon and you can choose just about any fruit you want for your smoothie. The really cool part about this concept is that you can get toppings. Items like coconut, dried cranberries, or chia seeds can crown your nourishing treat. We always add activated charcoal for a detoxification effect. This might not be what your used to when looking for a cold sweet treat, but can be just as enjoyable as a bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt. On each trip to Orange Avocado we are sure to grab a boost shot or a wheat grass shot. These are small, highly concentrated juices. They each have their own medicinal attributes that are helpful when you’re feeling run down or sick. On this occasion we tried something new. They have a homemade soda that we absolutely adored. They have partnered with their neighbor Branch Street Coffee Roasters to make these bubbly blessings. The flavors vary over the weeks, most recently we had the pomegranate grapefruit. You can order this in one of their personalized growlers for a very reasonable price, and even bring in for refills. They sell a few other handmade baked desserts that will give you a much higher sense of accomplishment than that donut you had for breakfast. Last but not least their staple is their juices. These are all made fresh and in house. Each one has its own unique flavor profile and healthy characteristics. Not all the juices on the menu are always available because of how they may sell that day, but I’m sure you will find one that you like. If you can’t decide on any particular juice you must try the self-titled orange avocado juice. It has a rich, creamy texture with an undertone of sweetness.Something else I feel like is worth remarking on is Orange Avocado’s dedication to supporting other local businesses. They sell different items in their shop that are from local and regional vendors. One that I had to try was a Kombucha from Cleveland (especially considering the resemblance between the logo and myself). They also had a nut butter from Youngstown and macramé art from a local artisan to name a few. Not to mention their wonderful partnership with our friends at Branch Street. They really get what it means to be a part of this local foodie community. As your health food heralds this week we will surely shout Orange Avocado’s name from the roof top. Whether juicing is a regular occurrence for you or something you’d like to try, make the trip to Orange Avocado.    

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