Philadelphia Candies

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching we find it only fitting to hit a few local chocolatiers these next two weeks. That being said, you can call us both Charlie because you will probably see a few mid-week short posts on some of Youngstown’s best chocolate spots. This week we hit a local favorite of ours, Philadelphia Candies. We visited the Boardman retail location, however, their epicenter is right up the road in Hermitage, PA. You can almost get lost in the array of sweet, umber treats. This is the benefit of encountering a helpful staff. They walked us through the assortment of chocolates and answered all of our questions. Probably the best part was that they let us sample some of the chocolate too. From my perspective, choosing that right assortment of chocolaty treats for your sweetie can be cumbersome. Have no fear at Philadelphia Candies though as they have something for everyone. What we loved most was that they had so many personalized, distinct treats. With chocolate renderings of hairdryers, musical instruments, Hello Kitty, golf clubs, and more, you are sure to find something unique for your special someone.Something the staff talked to us about which I feel worth noting was in regard to their chocolate-covered strawberries. These seem to be a local delicacy. They are flash frozen then coated in sugar and finally dressed with milk chocolate. The strawberries can have a somewhat unidentifiable texture because of the process involved, but they are a spectacular enterprise of sweetness. If you are more of the adventurous type then they have something for you as well. We tried everything from a chocolate-covered potato chip to a matcha green tea infused chocolate. Being that presentation of gifting is not my personal forte (and I would imagine most of us guys out there are in the same boat), Philadelphia Candies has got you covered. They have personalized gift wrapping available, which puts me at ease when searching for that right gift. There’s still some time before that monumental day of lovers is upon us. So don’t wait until the last minute to pick out the chocolaty treat to yolk with your Valentine’s Day gift—make a trip to Philadelphia Candies this week!

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