Mahoning Valley Food Culture

The Mahoning Valley truly has a rich pedigree of dining dynasties. I revel in the stories of the “good old days” when Youngstown and Warren were filled with tasty treasures. Stories of how you couldn’t even get into the old Alberini’s or Abruzzi’s Cafe 422 without having a suit jacket on. The days when you could go to Idora Park and get an ice cream cone and fresh-cut fries at a moment’s notice (…just imagine the rides going and the smell of the salt and vinegar!) There was a certain magic the Mahoning Valley had about it. With major plant closings over the past few years and a continuously rising crime rate, it seems these olden days could almost be forgotten. Luckily, there are few tried and true restaurants that have made it though despite these difficult times.  Continue reading “Mahoning Valley Food Culture”

An Intro to Jimmy and Spade EAT

Have you ever been with your significant other and could not think of where to eat? We all know the familiar banter. “Your turn to choose. No yours. Okay well what about Chinese? Eh, I’m not feeling Chinese tonight. Mexican? I just had Mexican for lunch.” It can be exhausting. By the end of the conversation you’re not even sure if you’re still hungry. Going out to eat should be an enjoyable experience. That said, there are two people who would like to guide you on this journey to restaurant nirvana and help you avoid the pitfalls. We’d like to show you that there are superb places to dine right here in the Mahoning Valley.

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