Whipped by Aubrey

A couple of weeks ago Spade and I ventured to a local farmers market. This is always an enjoyable enterprise for us. I love going to all the different booths and meeting the local farmers and business owners. You are sure to find something unique at any local farmers market. However, the journey was meant to acquire some particular baked goods. Aubrey Gustovich is a local entrepreneur and pastry chef. She has been a long time friend of Spade’s, and I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance on this particular meeting. Aubrey is a passionate and exceptional sorcerer of baking. Her product line up is endearing and whimsical. Her baking could be equated to works of art. For this encounter she wielded her magical wand of pastry to create some fun, holiday themed treats.First I want to talk about her infamous macarons. Let me start by defining and clarifying. These are not to be confused with macaroons (notice two o’s). Macaroons are traditionally made with coconut and have a consistency that’s dense and chewy. Macarons on the other hand are a French delicacy that have a meringue like texture that’s light and airy. Macarons usually sandwich certain fillings like jam, ganache or icing. We first engaged our tasted buds to the style of red velvet heart shaped macarons decorated with precious Valentine’s Day themed quotes. These delectable delicacies were furnished with a butter cream icing. My favorite part of her macarons is the texture. They literally melt in your mouth and are reminiscent of cotton candy on a sunny day in July. It can be incredibly hard to stop at just one. Fortunately we didn’t have to make that decision. We were invited to try another creative form of artistry. The second set of macarons we were honored to devour had the appearance of unicorns. These dainty sugar pillows had the same amazing texture, with a touch of whimsy. They really showcased her creativity and unique style. If you get the pleasure of trying pastries by Aubrey you must try her macarons.Moving forward we tried an array of other delicious treats that all but put us into a sugar coma. One of Aubrey’s other signature pieces is her vegan chocolate chip cookies. For all of our vegan comrades, this is an amazing option in a dietary world that seem almost non-existent. We also tried one of her savory hand pies. This was something that was new to us but is a tremendous innovation. She uses seasonal fruits and vegetables for these flaky, personal pies. Something else that absolutely cannot go without mention is this towering formation of sugar we met with. It was as though it had been carved out from a feast on Mount Olympus. I suppose you could classify it as a brownie. It was layered with brownie, Oreos, and chocolate chip cookie. This is not for the faint of heart. It is something that you cannot pass up.Now the question for readers is where do we find this notorious and infamous master of all things baked? Well we found her at the Howland Farmers Market, where you can usually find her. They have a market outdoors in front of the high school during summer months and indoors on Howland-Wilson Road during colder months. There are also a few other retailers of her precious goods in the area. (The Shop on Liberty Street & Gordy’s!) As one who loves to plan events I feel “Whipped by Aubrey” would be the perfect addition to all of your future affairs. Every wedding in Northeast Ohio has a cookie table that would be highly accentuated by any one of Aubrey’s succulent sugar creations. Do you have a baby shower or a wedding shower coming up? How could you not have an array of this local artisan’s amazing armory of pastries. A business meeting wouldn’t be complete without some scones for your fiendish cohorts to pair with a cup of java from Branch Street. Besides seeking her out at the local farmers market you can reach out to her via Facebook or her Instagram page (you can find both under @whippedbyaubrey).In closing “Whipped by Aubrey” is one of the finest up and coming stars. She really seems to put her heart and soul into her baking which is not something you get to encounter often in our culture of instant gratification. It is truly inspiring to see a young entrepreneur pressing forward with purity and precision of her craft. You truly cannot go wrong with this one!          

Check out this video feat. Whipped by Aubrey produced by The Howland Farmer’s Market!



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